All around the world today, professionals in spas, aesthetics clinics and beauty salons are using Opatra London advanced skincare technologies to help their clients achieve younger, smoother, brighter and more luminous skin. Available for sale to both the professional and consumer market, Opatra London’s handheld devices, skincare formulations, facial and body equipment and accessories help clients achieve impressive, consistent outcomes irrespective of skin type.

Opatra London’s revolutionary LumiQuartz Rose Face Wand is a vibrating wand incorporating LED light therapy combined with gentle heat to restore and rejuvenate the skin. This high-tech, youth-enhancing tool features a rose quartz stone head which vibrates at three different speed settings, gently massaging the skin to boost elastin and collagen production while simultaneously reducing inflammation and puffiness, improving circulation around the delicate contours of the eye area, and boosting the absorption of skincare products.

The LumiQuartz Rose Face Wand is a groundbreaking technology that leverages light and thermal energy, helping to soften and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines; reduce the appearance of redness and unwanted pigmentation; and assist with firming the skin beneath the eyes for a more toned, radiant appearance.

The LumiQuartz Rose Face Wand has been shortlisted in the Pure Beauty Awards finals for ‘Best 2021 Beauty Tool.’

Opatra London is a globally recognised UK brand that has built a solid reputation for its customer-centric approach, redefining outdated beauty industry standards and helping its clients to achieve consistent results. Opatra leverages the latest technological innovations and scientific breakthroughs to develop potent skincare products and effective skincare devices capable of achieving impressive, lasting results.

Other bestselling Opatra London advanced skincare products include its highly effective Instant Renewal Peeling Gel. This gentle, non-abrasive gel helps to unblock pores, extracting impurities and preventing the accumulation of dry cells on the skin surface, leaving it free from blemishes and irritation. Made with a natural blend of minerals designed to improve radiance, the product is best used with the Blue Light function of Opatra’s Dermisonic device for bacteria treatment.

Benefits of Opatra Instant Renewal Peeling Gel include:

  • Minimised and tightened pores
  • Improved appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Clearer, smoother, brighter skin
  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Improved skin radiance

Opatra London’s Anti-Aging Collagen Mask is a natural beauty treatment for the face which is formulated with absorbent powders to calm, sooth and moisturise the skin, reducing irritation, removing impurities, and leaving the skin feeling pleasantly refreshed.

Opatra London has been recognized with numerous prestigious beauty industry awards for its groundbreaking skincare products and advanced skincare technologies, including:

Founded in 2010, Opatra London recently partnered with United World Schools to help children in Nepal, Myanmar and Cambodia to access the educational opportunities they need to learn essential life skills, paving the way for them to access jobs and an improved quality of life.

Through the partnership Opatra London is helping children living in marginalised and remote communities, providing vital educational resources, teachers and training to ensure that children can learn in a safe and inspiring environment. 

The initiative will help children across Nepal, Myanmar and Cambodia to learn to read, write and count in their native language, opening doors to a whole new world of experiences and opportunities.


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