This groundbreaking new advanced skincare technology accelerates surface cell generation, stimulating collagen production to reduce the signs of aging and turbo-boosting self-care routines. Proven to purify congested and dull skin, the Synergy Marble uses a combination of clinically approved LED light therapy and cool/heat technology to visibly diminish the appearance of large pores and fine lines, strengthening the skin’s barrier function and leaving it with a plumped, dewy appearance with improved elasticity and suppleness.

This advanced anti-aging device transforms the look of aging skin, significantly increasing hydration levels and improving textural irregularities and volume by stimulating production of elastin, collagen and growth factors. Clinical trials conducted by Opatra London revealed that 98% of users saw a visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines, with 95% of noticing an improvement in skin texture. Reviving a healthy skin texture and tone, the Synergy Marble also increased product absorption, amplifying the impact of skincare products by enabling them to penetrate deeper into the skin.

The Synergy Marble device integrates revolutionary anti-aging technology, achieving exceptional results in terms of rejuvenating and restoring the skin. Benefits include:

This UK-based brand has garnered international recognition for its customer-centric approach to skincare. Perceiving beauty and skincare in a whole new way, Opatra London incorporates cutting-edge technology to produce an extensive range of deeply nourishing skincare products.

Once of the company’s key visions is to redefine outdated beauty standards, enabling people of all skin types to achieve consistent results. To achieve this, Opatra London has developed a unique and versatile range of devices and skin products, catering for all skin types.

Opatra London transforms technological innovations and scientific breakthroughs into effective skincare solutions. Since 2010, the company has been pioneering simple-to-use devices and skincare products, helping people of all skin types to enhance the appearance of their skin by making it look younger, firmer, brighter and more beautiful.

Opatra London designs, develops and sources innovative skincare products and devices for both professional and at-home use. Suitable for use as part of a daily skincare regime, Opatra London’s effective products are used in spas, beauty salons and aesthetics clinics all over the world. The company’s product lines include handheld anti-aging devices, professional facial and body equipment, skincare formulations and accessories.

With a global presence today, Opatra London has been recognised with several coveted industry awards in 2021, including: Most Innovative Skincare Technology Company 2021 – UK’ at the GHP Healthcare Pharmaceutical Awards 2021; ‘Most Advanced Skincare Technology Company 2021 – Europe’ at the LUXlife Magazine 2021 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards; and ‘Best Luxury Beauty Brand 2021’ at the SME News 2021 UK Enterprise Awards.


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